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Mandelbrot example : problems to understand the code

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with the Mandelbrot QT example (QT Mandelbrot example), my CPU is running at 25% all the time, just like if a task was done in continue (I have around 1-2% when application is closed).
    However no event come (I don't move the mouse or anything) and the code shows a

            if (!restart)
            restart = false;

    If I understand those lines in source, the CPU should stop working when the render is done, why is it not the case? Are QThread always use the CPU like that?

    S├ębastien L.

  • Qt Champions 2019

    The last render pass can take a lot of time. Put some debug output into the run function to see if the rendering is really finished.

  • Ok sorry, indeed the last 2 pass took several minutes to finish. I set the number of pass to 6 instead of 8 and get the result after 2-3 minutes. And then the CPU usage goes to 0% as supposed.
    Thank you.

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