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How can I use Qt4 load FBX module?

  • I would like use 3D studio and Quick2 to load this .but my leader don not want to changed our project a I need use QT4 and openGL ,I need some suggestions, Thanks!

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    Qt 3D Studio and QtQuick 2 are not available in Qt 4. And Qt 4 has reached end of life a loooong time ago, so you should not expect anything to be added there.

    I need some suggestions

    Upgrade to Qt5.

    Or if you want to go 100% hardcore - port the stuff you need from Qt5 back to Qt4. It won't be easy, for sure. Better just upgrade to Qt 5 :-)

  • Thanks for your suggestion, I prefer QT5 and 3D studio more. It is a lot of work refer to several modules. QT4 load FBX maybe more difficult。 I have to learn FBX SDK and opengl ,too bad

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