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Qt 3D Module(C++ Part) Multisample Anti-Aliasing

  • Hi,all. This problem is about Qt 3D module (c++ aspect ) .
    my develop tool is base on Q5.9.6
    my computer have no independent graphics card and the cpu is Core i7-2600,So my graphics card is HD Graphics 2000.
    First,I write a QML 3D program .the code is use the Scene3D class
    And set multisample property is true. I use SceneLoader to load the obj file (as far as i know,SceneLoader will auto load obj's references mtl file)
    Finally,I run the program.the display result is
    the model looks very well.And I now I switch the multisample to false.I run the program and the display result is
    So you can see something burr on the round.
    This program prove use multisample can effect Anti-Aliasing,in QML and my graphics card is no problem to effect Anti-Aliasing.
    But now I can't find the way to effect Anti-Aliasing in Qt 3D (ps: I use Qt3DWindow,QTransform,QSceneLoader and son on,no use pre openGL function and class).
    Is somebody help to slove this problem,Thanks very much!

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