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qmake: SOURCE-File which exists is not found

  • Hi,
    I have a problem with a source-file:

    # works:
    SOURCES += C:\Qt\5.11.2\msvc2017_64\../Src/qtbase/src/3rdparty/sqlite/sqlite3.c
    #works not:
    SOURCES += $(QTDIR)\../Src/qtbase/src/3rdparty/sqlite/sqlite3.c
    #error-message: WARNING: Failure to find: Src\qtbase\src\3rdparty\sqlite\sqlite3.c
    #inspite of the error Qt Creator shows file in tree

    I double checked... Environment QTDIR = C:\Qt\5.11.2\msvc2017_64

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  • Moderators

    Wrong syntax. Use $$(QTDIR) as explained in qmake documentation:

    To obtain the contents of an environment value when qmake is run, use the $$(...) operator:

  • Thanks -- I had a bad feeling it would be easy...

    Best Regards,

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