The UI display problem in the thread

  • Hello,everyone.Now I need your help about the Qt application.I want to know whether the Qt can provide a method which can display all the UI in a special thread rather than in the main thread in order to avoid the update speed.

  • No, no such method is available.

  • Thank you, Andre
    Now I have a project which needs update view when the status changed, but frequent changes happened obviously influence the update speed which causes the view stop. Do you have some advices about this problem?

  • Considder throttleing your update frequency. That is: do not update more than 30 times per second at most. Anything faster is not going to be visible by the user anyway. That means that you can buffer updates for that time at least. Best to do this already in the thread providing the updates, as it lightens the load on the UI thread and its eventqueue. It is easy to flood the evenqueue, making the application slow to respond.

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