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WebSocket HELP!

  • Hi everybody, I have been trying to implement a client using WebSocket with QT but still have no success, here is what I am trying, I am trying to make a client application like browser and which communicate with the server using WebSocket protocol.

    I have seen the QT examples documentation on WebSocket but I couldn't understand much as it was creating a client and server in the local machine. And even the documentation wasn't explaining anything much.

    I have done HTTP communication with QT, and in this case, as far I understand I have to send the get request with an upgrade to WebSocket headers .but exactly what to do I have no Idea.

    If somebody can point me to some example code that will be great thanks

    EDIT :
    Well I understood the code given in the example of SSL client and it solved my problem
    here is the link http://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-5.5/qtwebsockets-examples.html


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