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Should I build with OpenGL (desktop/dynamic) or not?

  • I built from source using -opengl desktop. However, I got some Q_UNREACHABLE error. This code was working on 5.10.1 x86. However, current version that I compiled v5.11.2 cannot open it.

    My main target is WebEngine. I needed WebEngine x86 binaries for VC2017.

    If I set;


    then it just works. However, I do not needed this code in earlier versions. So my question is, what option should I use while building QT myself?

    1. -opengl desktop (current)
    2. -opengl dynamic
    3. -no-opengl

    What is the Qt's default choice?


  • I found that:

    OpenGL Options for Windows
    On Windows, Qt can be configured with the system OpenGL or with ANGLE. By default, Qt is configured to use dynamic OpenGL. This means that it tries to use system OpenGL and falls back to ANGLE, which is bundled with Qt and depends on the DirectX SDK, if native OpenGL does not work. ANGLE enables running Qt applications that depend on OpenGL, without installing the latest OpenGL drivers. If ANGLE also fails, Qt will fall back to software rendering, which is the slowest but most safe of the rendering methods.

    I will try with dynamic.

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    This post is deleted!

  • @gencer I also met this problem. but it not fall back to software opengl, it show black screen.

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