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How do I get a specific kit installed (MSVC 2013 32-bit)

  • Hi I'm sure this is a pretty trivial problem. But I just don't understand the Qt Kits.

    I've tried many different offline installers and none of them seem to have MSVC 2013 32-bit included. What determines which "Qt Versions" you get in your Installer?

    For instance I have one installer file titled "qt-enterprise-windows-x86-5.9.1", it gives me the option of installing MSVC 2013 64bit, MSVC 2015 32bit.

    These are both very close to the kit I want, but not quite the exact one (MSVC 2013 32bit is what I want).

    Is this determined inside the offline installer file? (Or some system enumeration?) And if so how do I get MSVC 2013 32bit to appear in the installation options? Is there somewhere I can download and pick and choose which kits it comes with? Do I need the online (unified?) installer to achieve this?

    I already have Visual Studio 2013

  • @ichidan

    Hi and welcome to devnet forums

    The versions are determined by availability on the repository servers. Since there are a "mass" of different compiler versions around Qt libraries are only build for some selected versions.

    The best is to install the same version of a pre-built Qt libs as the compiler is you have installed. Especially with MSVC compiler there is almost no compatibility between subsequent versions. However, IIRC there is a compatibility between MSVC2015 and MSVC2017 versions. For sure there is no compatibility to or between previous versions.

    Also you cannot mix 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

    However, since you have a qt-enterprise version, it should mean that you have a commercial version with license, if I amnot mistaken. When you have a commercial license you are entitled to get support from the commercial hotline.

    This is the open source forum.

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