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Structure in the Project with Folders in Qt Creator or in the Repository

  • Hello,
    sorry if im unable to find something on the Internet or in the Qt Creator, but ...

    Actually my Projekt is just a big bunch of files that are lying in the root folder ... :(
    this is my project on GitHub and .. just looks terrible ...

    the look in my Qt Creater could be way better ...

    what i want to have is, that i seperate files into folders like GUI or BackEnd or something like this and the structure is in the Qt creator visible, too ...

    MS Visual Studio has the ability to create folders to sort files and it looks great ...
    i want something like this:


    it looks way better and easier to see ..

    how do i give my project structure with folders etc in Qt Creator?
    You cant tell me, that big projects with over 1000 files still keep this structure x_X

    Thx for answers :)


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    If you move your source files and headers to a subdirectory, this structure will be reflected in Creators Projects tree. For small apps that may be enough.

    If you have really big apps, you can use a SUBDIRS project to structure your app into libraries, tests and the main program.


  • @aha_1980
    oh ... wow ...exactly what i was looking for ....

    goddamn, i thought i crash it when i try to move stuff and reopen Qt :D

    was searching in the Qt Creator so long for an option like this ...

    thx a lot!

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