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Static Analysis for Qt Objects and containers?

  • I have a very simple example that refuses to be flagged by either clang, clang-tidy, clazy, or Krazy2.

    QVector<int> myVec;
    int third =;
    int otherThird =myVec[3];

    obviously this segfaults because there was never a third element.

    The issue is that no single IDE or plugin will flag this. It'll ASSERT in Qt Creator debug build run but that's after it compiles.

    there has to be some intellisense like thing in the editor or any static analysis tool that can read Qt Containers.

    "Just add the Qt source to your code model" you might say well compiling every single part of Qt takes many days so not an option.

    Another example is

    QCheckBox *myCheckbox = new QCheckBox();
    QListView *myListView = qobject_cast<QListView *>(myCheckBox); //will  equal null
    QSize size = myListView->gridSize(); //myListView is null so crashes with segfault again

    This leads to deep bugs that aren't flagged with any static analysis tool.

    Any advice please on how to find these bugs?

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