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Is there a reliable and complete set of gauges?

  • For years I developed under .NET and I bought a third-party controls to display data in gauges:

    • linear gauges (vertical, horizontal)
    • circular gauges
    • meters
    • leds / state indicators
    • etc...

    I'm talking, for example - it's just an example, I'm not making any advertise! - about something like this one:

    I wonder if there are such a third-party plugins/libraries also for the Qt framework.
    I'm aware there are community projects like Qwt, QLed, AnalogWidgets and so on... but despite their great work, I'm looking for a professional solution (to buy), ready to use and fully customizable.

    I need them for Desktop C++ application - a QML version is an added value, but I cannot rely only on QML.

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