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Still getting "There's no Qt version assigned to this project...." error.

  • Hello,

    I have found a number of posts talking about this problem and the resolution to it. Essentially, I am attempting to build a Qt application from within Visual Studio using the Qt Vs Tools plugin. The project was initially x86, and when switching it to x64 I began running into the following error:


    "There's no Qt version assigned to this project for platform x64. Please use the 'change Qt version' feature and choose a valid Qt version for this platform.

    Here's the problem: it looks as though it's already setup.

    First, here is my Qt Options that's Visual Studio-wide:


    Second, when the project is set to build as 64 bit, I go to project > Qt project settings and I get the following (which hints that it's configured):


    Next, I went into my vcxproj file, as other threads have instructed, and added the following:


    Closing Visual Studio and reopening it, I get the same error every time. This appears to be an issue that's been going on for years (judging by the dates on some of the threads I'm seeing). I just recently installed the plugin, and I'm using VS 2017 on Windows 10. As far as I can tell, everything is up to date.

  • Although it may not be why you are getting the problem, I believe you would be better off pointing at a msvc2017_64 folder if you are using VS 2017.
    Another issue is that the Win32 version is pointing at the *_64 folder, though unless you're running such a build I don't think this will cause a problem.
    I am surprised you have a UicDir without a MocDir in the vcxproj and that the lupdateOnBuild also doesn't show up. It looks like the VS ui and the xml aren't synced up.
    Also, make sure that you have the version coded in for every vcxproj file that uses qt.

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