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How many Questions a user can ask is there any limitation ?

  • I don't know if it's appropriate to only ask question and not answer.
    Because i'm novice and i can't answer other's question. Somehow i feel guilty.
    Beside i don't know if there is limitation for asking ?

  • @behruz-montazeri

    Hi and thanks for your considerations

    There is actually no limit in asking questions within the forum. It is natural that beginners have more questions and may not be able to help others yet. The ability to provide answers needs to be nursed with time. Therefore, the time that you can give back to the community will come.

    Typically the users are quite patient in answering questions, but sometimes it is also good to look around a bit first before firing the same question the hundredth time. On the other side you should not be offended then, when you simply got a notice with a link to the proper answer given.

    Therefore enjoy your time in forum by asking questions which will help to build up your knowledge and enable you help eventually others later on.

  • Let's put it this way: if there is a limit, I haven't hit it, so you're good for quite a while.

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