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Can bus using Peak Can

  • Hello, I need to use Pcan basic for comunicate on can bus.
    I download the from peak site, but I don't know how use it in QT.

    I need to include pcan dll in the project (which files dll, lib, h should I use??)
    How include these files il a QT project ??

    I am using windows 10 and Qt 5.11.1 (MSVC 2015, 32 bit)


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    There is no difference using an external library in a Qt project or a plain C++ project. So I don't see a Qt problem here. Afaik the library brings some example on how to access it.

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    Hi @Giampietro,

    have you already seen Qt CAN bus?

    The Peak plugin is described here. In short - you need the device drivers and the DLL to run your program.


  • Hello all,
    I've already saw Qt CAN Bus
    And I create a widget project fon comunication on can bus.
    I imported the sample in the link pages :

    In the .pro file I used: QT += core gui widgets serialbus

    in the form cpp file I used :
    #include <QCanBus>

    and the code is :
    if (QCanBus::instance()->plugins().contains(QStringLiteral("peakcan"))) {
    // plugin available
    qDebug() << "plugin "peakcan" available ";

    QString errorString;
    QCanBusDevice *device = QCanBus::instance()->createDevice(
        QStringLiteral("peakcan"), QStringLiteral("usb0"), &errorString);
    if (!device) {
        // Error handling goes here
        qDebug() << errorString;
    } else {

    as illustrated into web page.
    When I run the project I find into ouput this :

    plugin "peakcan" available
    qt.canbus.plugins.peakcan: Cannot load library pcanbasic: Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato.
    "Cannot load library pcanbasic: Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato."

    I find the pcanbasic.dll in peak website (download but I don't understand which files .h include in project.
    there are header pcanbasic.h files for C#·, C++_Builder, C++_CLR, C++_MFC. which should I use??

    So, I understand that pcan basic is missing from the project: How import it with the relative .h ?

    I used also sample find here : CAN Bus example
    But I have the same answer in output : Cannot load library pcanbasic.

    How use pcanbasic.dll??

    Thankyou for help

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    Hi @Giampietro,

    I'd suggest you to try with the CAN bus example first.

    • Have you installed the Peak device drivers? I.e. do you have the hardware successfully installed in device manager?
    • QtSerialBus loads the pcanbasic.dll at runtime. So either copy it to the same folder your executable resides, or make sure it is in a directory which is contained in the PATH environment variable.

    That should be all you need, no header files, no lib files etc.


  • Hello aha_1980,
    I find the solution :

    the problem was the wrong drivers:
    I used version driver. With this, the problem is present.
    Now I use a driver version (an older version), and the problem is solved.
    My test application and also CAN bus example works fine.

    Thnkyou all for help!.

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    Hi @Giampietro

    Glad you figured it out. So please mark this topic as SOLVED now. Thanks!

  • hi Giampietro
    i have the same issue..
    if i use the example of CAN Bus example in qt , do i need to add the dll to the app ? if the response is yes which files.h I should include and how I add the library ??
    and thank u

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