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QtIFW: Custom uninstall scripts

  • Hi,

    how can i call custom uninstall scripts for each component.
    I had two approaches:

    1. In the Component script:
    Component.prototype.createOperations = function()
    	QMessageBox.information("asasas", "asasa", "Hall", QMessageBox.Ok);	
    		QMessageBox.information("asasas", "asasa", "isInstaller", QMessageBox.Ok);	
    		QMessageBox.information("asasas", "asasa", "isUninstaller", QMessageBox.Ok);	

    The isInstaller-condition is called every time when i install my application. When i call the Maintanance-tool and remove everything, the isUninstalled-condition will not be called. Also the MessageBox with "Hall" is not called in the uninstaller.

    1. UNDOEXEC in the EXECUTE-command
      This does not work for uninstaller. I think i misunderstood this option.

    Thank you for your help.
    best regards

    UNDOEXECUTE works. But why is the isUninstaller-condition never called?

  • @Schenk said in QtIFW: Custom uninstall scripts:

    But why is the isUninstaller-condition never called?

    Because you never called the if condition in the constructor of Controller
    Refer Controller Scripting
    Use Controller Scripting as suggested in the 2nd comment

    Works for me
    alt text

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