Accessing cookies in various web frames of a page loaded using QtWebEngineView

  • We want to access cookies in various web frames of a page loaded using QtWebEngineView.

    Following is the code we have used to set cookie while loading our URL:
    m_store = DocumentInfodlgui->webEngineView_2->page()->profile()->cookieStore();

    QNetworkCookie networkCookie; networkCookie.setName("ASessionID");

    networkCookie.setValue(cachedUserInfo.getSessionId().toLatin1()); m_store->setCookie(networkCookie, url);

    We have taken m_store as pointer to QWebEngineCookieStore as member variable of our dialog class.

    Now, after using this code we do get our cookie set for the URL, that we are loading, but it does not get propagated to the other web frames or jsp files which are getting called by server within that URL.

    How can we get them propagated to the web frames within the URL?

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