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tests on QColor in qml

  • I have a property that is a QColor in my qt quick application. I want to use the lightness() method to test if the lightness is above or below a certain level. This method doesn't work in qml because it's a c++ class method. Can anyone recommend how to do this test in the qml section?

    Image {
            id: myImage
            anchors.verticalCenter: myBox.verticalCenter
            anchors.horizontalCenter: myBox.horizontalCenter
            height: .7 * myBox.height
            width: .7 * myBox.height
            sourceSize.height: 128
            sourceSize.width: 128
            fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
            source: "someImage.png"
            visible: (myClass.someColor.lightnessF() < 10)        <--- this is the problem 



    "This method doesn't work in qml because it's a c++ class method."

    That's a false assertion. You can go QML to c++ and c++ to qml rather easily and it's probably the most documented area of the documentation.

  • @kgregory said in tests on QColor in qml:

    visible: (myClass.someColor.lightnessF() < 10) <--- this is the problem

    The QColor property you pass from C++ to QML gets automatically converted to a QML basic Color type which apparently does not have any properties other than its color value...

    So, to get the result of lightnessF(), you will need to add your own method to your custom C++ class, e.g. like:

        Q_INVOKABLE qreal lightnessF(){return m_color.lightnessF();}

  • @6thC said in tests on QColor in qml:

    That's a false assertion

    It actually is not, in this case. QColor automatically gets converted to Color, and Color has no methods, it seems?. The lightnessF() method is therefore a pure C++ method, and cannot be accessed directly in QML by passing a QColor object.

  • I think I misunderstood. My comments were around the QML / Cpp integration and not on QColor - I just head you couldn't signal between qml and cpp ... nvm me, I didn't read it deeply enough it seems.

    Sadly, I've been bit like this too (I think) where I use QML charts but need cpp replace() ... it's a pity they aren't 100% feature identical but I guess it is what it is hey.

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