Does Qt Creator use the /GS, /DYNAMICBASE and /NXCOMPAT in VC++?

  • Does Qt Creator use the /GS (stack buffer overrun check), /DYNAMICBASE (address space layout randomization) and /NXCOMPAT (data execution prevention) when building a project with VC++ tools?

    EDIT: Moved to tools, Gerolf

  • Which flags are used can be seen in:

    <QtSDK Path>\Desktop\Qt\4.7.3\msvc2008\mkspecs\win32-msvc2005\qmake.conf

    If you need different settings, just change it there (and perhaps recompile Qt).

    If you only need these flags for your projects, set them in the .pro file.

  • Qt Creator does not set compiler settings itself. It uses those defined in your Qt installation (see Gerolf's post for the details).

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