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fortuneserver compiled voor WEC7

  • Ok; I'm completely new to this stuff and just trying to find a solution for this:

    We have a couple of old Windows XP terminals. On these terminals, fotunesever is running.
    A fortuneclient, running on another machine, is sending messages to these terminals.

    Recently, we have replaced some of the old terminals with new ones. The new terminals are running Windows Embedded Compact 7.
    The fortuneserver.exe we run on the old terminals will not start on the new ones. I guess the application has to be recompiled for WEC7. Is there anyone out there that can help me getting a compiled fortuneserver.exe that will run on WEC7?



  • @rmu123

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    AFAIK you would have to recompile on/for Windows Embedded Compact 7. The executables are not compatible. The same for Qt libs.

    Out of curiosity what for do you run fortuneserver on some terminals?

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Unfortunately I don't have the sourcecode nor the tools to recompile.
    Also, I don't know if fortuneserver is a standard application or custom made. The app has been running on our terminals for many years and we have lost contact with the original supplier.
    In case we use the "standard" app, is there no way to download a compiled version suitable for WEC7 somewhere?

    The terminals are connected to a forklift truck. We are scanning barcodes on the terminals. The information is being collected on a Linux server, After processing the input, the server sends a signal to fortuneserver on the terminal. As a result, a wav mediafile will start on the terminal. This way, the operator knows the scan has been processed successfully without looking on the screen.

  • Hi. In here, fortuneserver/fortuneclient describes the infamous example in Qt that sends fortune cookies phrases over the TCP, nothing to do with what your program is actually doing.
    If you don't have the original source I'm afraid ther's little you can do to fix your problem.

    However, if what you describe is the entire purpose of your application it would be easy to rebuild from scratch as long as you tell us:

    • The IP/HostAddress of the Linux server
    • What port the linux server uses to send the signal
    • What does the signal from the linux server sends to signal the process was completed (is it a number, a string, etc.)?

  • I could make an effort trying to retrieve the sourcecode, but would not know what to do with it next.
    Is there something like a step-by-step instruction (for dummies) how to compile to WEC7?
    Could anyone help me out with this in case I succeed retrieving the sourcecode?

  • @rmu123

    The link to the fortune server example provided @VRonin will not get you further. It is simply an example to demonstrate how operate a TCP server with Qt. Nothing more.

    Apparently whoever provided you with what you call "fortuneserver" used the example to start the work, but did not change the name lateron. You would have to get the original source code from the developer who supplied you the application.

    When you have this source code, you probably need to have a C++ developer who knows how to handle this.

  • @rmu123 said in fortuneserver compiled voor WEC7:

    Could anyone help me out with this in case I succeed retrieving the sourcecode?

    While it requires some expertise it's not a huge task if there's no need to change the source code. I'm sure you can find someone on here or stackoverflow to do it for a tenner or so