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How to find out plugins that my app needs

  • I'm trying to write a tool for linux that would help with deployment, I was wondering if there's a way to get the plugins that my app needs.

    I can find out the so files that the application needs using

    ldd binaryFile

    but, for example if the application uses any plugin, for example any of the imageformats plugins, I can not know unless I run it on another system and debug the error messages

    So my question is, Is there a way to get all the dependencies my app needs so that I can automate the deployment process

    PS, Yes I took a look at linuxdeployqt :D

  • Hi, one simple way: when you have your Qt app running:

    lsof -c binaryfile

    Embedded in the long list are all the .dll/.so files the app uses.

  • Thank you @hskoglund !!!
    Simple and to the point !

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