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Can't use WebEngineView.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to incorporate QWebEngine in an existing Qt/Qml application. However when using WebEngineView, it results in an exception with the following message :

    [23100:22744:0808/110645.316:FATAL:com_init_util.cc(71)] Check failed: false. CoCreateInstance calls in Chromium require explicit COM initialization via base::CreateCOMSTATaskRunnerWithTraits() or ScopedCOMInitializer. See the comment in DCheckedCoCreateInstance for more details.

    My engine is initialized like in the documentation :

        QApplication qapp( argc, argv );

    I can't find any source used to solve this issue.

    Qt version is 5.10.1 using VS 2015 (32bits) in windows 10

    I can't go with 5.11 because I need 32 bits (WebEngine is not available for 32 bits target with 5.11)

    any suggestion ?

  • It seems to work in 5.9.6 (but fails in 5.10.0).

    Any suggestion to make it work on 5.10.1 ?

  • Hi @rperrot ,
    check out that post it may be useful.

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