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QtCreator and ESP-IDF (ESP32 development framework)

  • Hi

    I've been having some difficulty getting Qt creator to work with the ESP-IDF framework. ESP-IDF is a development framework for the ESP32 microcontroller from expressif. The problem is that when i use the CLangCodeModel plugin that is now on by default, all the realtime warnings and tab completions dissapear, I can still 'follow symbol under cursor' and do other navigations. Strange thing is that when i create the project they initially seem to work, I've also tried with an ESP-IDF branch that uses cmake and the same thing happens.

    My question is where clangmodel gets it warnings/completions from, is there a debug log I can enable somewhere to see if it's working properly ? Maybe the ESP-IDF codebase is too large for clangmodel ?

    Github repo with how I setup the project & .pro file is:

    Screenshot where it is working with qmake:

    alt text

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