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SCXML slow call to JavaScript/ECMA-Script

  • Hi,

    I'm currently investigating the speed if SCXML execution, and made a minimum-benchmark where I simply jump between two states. On every entry I will send an event with an delay of 1ms and increment an counter by one. The benchmark is aborted after 1sec.
    So, in the end, I'm expecting something near 1000 state transitions. But, I'm only getting something around 500-600 state transitions. If I add additional states with assign statements its getting worse, if I only add events, the performance similar to the previous test.
    Therefore I'm currently having the suspicion that the JavaScript call is taking a lot of time.

    In parallel i testes uscxml with JavaScriptCore, with similar results.

    The question is now, is the call to JavaScript really slowing down the SCXML-Execution? And is it possible to speed up invokation from C++ to Javascript?