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How To Get HTTP Status Codes From QWebEngineView?

  • Hello, sorry if i posted twice, just found out theres a QWebEngine forum section. I've been looking through the docs to find a way to return the http status codes from a QWebEngineView after loading a page, and making a request. I understand that QWebEngineView does not interact with QNetWorkAccessManager which would make this a breeze to accomplish. So is there any other way to get the HTTP status code from a request using QWebEngineView?? I tried multiple ways including RequestInterceptor. Below is a snippet of my attempt using RequestInterceptor, but its not giving me actual HTTP Status codes, just constant values, which is what I dont want..

    //your code here   
    #include <QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor>
    #include <QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo>
    #include <QDebug>
    #include <QUrl>
    class RequestInterceptor : public QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor
      explicit RequestInterceptor(QObject * parent = Q_NULLPTR);
      virtual void interceptRequest(QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo & info) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
    #include "requestinterceptor.h"
    RequestInterceptor::RequestInterceptor(QObject * parent)
    void RequestInterceptor::interceptRequest(QWebEngineUrlRequestInfo & info)
      QString rsrct = "";
          case 0:rsrct="ResourceTypeMainFrame = 0, --> top level page";break;
          case 1:rsrct="ResourceTypeSubFrame, --> frame or iframe";break;
          case 2:rsrct="ResourceTypeStylesheet, --> a CSS stylesheet";break;
          case 3:rsrct="ResourceTypeScript, --> an external script";break;
          case 4:rsrct="ResourceTypeImage, --> an image (jpg/gif/png/etc)";break;
          case 5:rsrct="ResourceTypeFontResource, --> a font";break;
          case 6:rsrct="ResourceTypeSubResource, --> an other subresource.";break;
          case 7:rsrct="ResourceTypeObject, --> an object (or embed) tag for a plugin,";break;
          case 8:rsrct="ResourceTypeMedia, --> a media resource.";break;
          case 9:rsrct="ResourceTypeWorker, --> the main resource of a dedicated worker.";break;
          case 10:rsrct="ResourceTypeSharedWorker, --> the main resource of a shared worker.";break;
          case 11:rsrct="ResourceTypePrefetch, --> an explicitly requested prefetch";break;
          case 12:rsrct="ResourceTypeFavicon, --> a favicon";break;
          case 13:rsrct="ResourceTypeXhr, --> a XMLHttpRequest";break;
          case 14:rsrct="ResourceTypePing, --> a ping request for <a ping>";break;
          case 15:rsrct="ResourceTypeServiceWorker, --> the main resource of a service worker.";break;
          case 16:rsrct="ResourceTypeUnknown";break;
          default : rsrct="Unknown type";break;
    qDebug()<<"\t"<<Q_FUNC_INFO<<":\n\t\t" << "WebUrlRequestInterceptor::interceptRequest    " <<info.requestMethod()
           <<"\r\n  "<<info.requestUrl()<<"   "<<rsrct      <<"\r\n";
      const QUrl url("");
      view = new WebView();
      view = new QWebEngineView();
      interceptor = new RequestInterceptor(view);
      profile = new QWebEngineProfile(view);
      page = new QWebEnginePage(profile,view);

  • I have the same issue. Did you find a solution for this?

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