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Qt Creator 4.7.0: how to use method lookup

  • Hi,

    Until Qt Creator 4.6 it was possible to quickly access methods, variables, and other code with CTRL + left mouse button. Since version 4.7.0 this does not work any longer when there is some error (e.g. too many or wrong function parameters, unkown variable type, etc.). Is it somehow possible to get back the old 4.6 behavior?


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    Hi @pets,

    Creator 4.7 by default enables the Clang Code Model works like a background compiler and shows diagnostics.

    If your code has too many errors, this code model has problems and it may be that navigation is not possible therefore.

    If that hurts you too much, you can disable the code model (and switch back to the classic one) by Help > About Plugins and uncheck "Clang Code Model"


    Edit: QTCREATORBUG-20830 seems related. You can comment and vote there.

  • Thanks - disabling the plugin works like a charm.

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