Microsoft Surface Camera Resolution and Zoom Options

  • Hi all,

    I am making a QML app that uses the camera. I have the camera displaying and I set up pinch to zoom and a button to take pictures. I also display the maximum allowed resolution of the camera on the display for testing purposes, and my phone zooms fine and displays the proper resolution. However, I am also testing on a Surface tablet because this app is being built for tablets. The camera is displayed and I can take pictures, but the zooming (both digital and optical) is not working and it doesn't display any supported resolutions, so the images are set to the default of 640x360. I looked at the built in Windows camera application, and the camera is able to zoom and take pictures at 1920x1080, so I am not sure why QML has partial access to the camera when I know the same code works on another device.

    Also, if it is important, I am using Appstudio for ArcGIS to build the app.