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ValueAxis tickCount to be dynamic

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm making my first app on Qt using QML, and I'm trying to create a chart that is dynamic.
    I will get data at a stable frequency and I want to display it in my chart. To run my tests, I've simulated some, as if they were already received but I want to have 1 X axis (on the grid) for each point.
    I know I can (and have to) use tickCount but how do I set it to the number of XYPoints that are in my Line series ? This number will change up to a few times per second... Do I have to do something like tickCount = myVar and to myVar++ at every time a new data is received ?

    Thanks people :)

  • @Natalya

    how do I set it to the number of XYPoints that are in my Line series

    I don't use QML, but you can set the tickCount to call a function which returns the number of points in the series, not count it yourself.

  • @JonB Hi,
    Thanks for your reply. How could I get the number of points in the series ? They can't have an Id, no I don't know how to do :/

  • Hello @Natalya. I responded this kind of question in a past topic. See it here https://forum.qt.io/topic/88318/chartview-with-a-circular-buffer/2.

  • I have solved my problem !

    I'm using an id for my SplineSeries, so that i can get the count, max and so many things to use for my tickCount and everything else ! The fact is that I was writing id: "myId" and I understood the error as if I can't use an id here. I can, just without the " " around the string.

    Thanks everyone for your time, have fun.

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