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QOpenGLWIndow in a window container is incorrectly stacked when displaying a QOpenGLWidget on MacOS

  • Hi,

    I just created this issue, where

    When displaying a QOpenGLWindow in a windowContainer, if another QOpenGLWidget is created and share a parent with the windowContainer, the windowContainer and it's window will be stacked under everything else.
    They will stay there until they are hide/show. Only on MacOS.

    I'm trying to find a work around within my own QOpenGLWindow based class. However it looks like it does not receive any event of any kind, the window and it's windowContainer just disapear.

    Of course I could hide/show it manually, but I would need to do that when and only when the bug appears, and I don't see how.

    Any ideas ?

  • I have same problems in MacOs but in a secondary subWindow i solve using raise() ...

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