Get outlook mails automagically

  • I use Outllook 2007 on PC and would like to test if some messages body contains some strings to recopy them

    What is the simplest solution please ?

  • I have never used it, but "MAPI": might be an option for you.

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    What does outlook configuration have to do with Qt? I think you asked in the wrong forum.

  • "Outlook configuration"? don't understand what you mean, I'm looking something like (a little) the Qutlook example.

    Well Mapi seems interesting: no example exists to read directly from an Outlook opened session ?

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    Checking mails for some condition and then copying them somewhere else requires setting up a rule on the outlook server and then you are done (provided "somewhere else" is a mail folder of course). No need for Qt.

    Or are you looking for some way to retrieve mails from outlook in your own application?

  • I want indeed a Qt app that is able to read from Outlook/"inbox" and report some of these mails in the app.

    To say all, the idea behind is an app that keeps my allocated tasks I received through mails tagged with my name in the email's body message like "assigned to: myname" and put them in the application <left Todo> task list as a reminder for me. Besides, this let me put the time needed to do each tasks and report all at the end.

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