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QtCreator and vs2010

  • Is it possible to use out of the box QtCreator on Windows (which I guess is compiled using VS2008) with VS2010? In particular: would VS2010 compiled custom control load into QtCreator to be used in design mode? If not, then how do I compile QtCreator for VS2010? Thanks in advance.

  • The Qt creator is an IDE and comes with mingw compiler. You may use it with vs compilers as a tool chain, but you need Qt's lib compiled for the specific version of the compiler.

    MSVS2008 and MSVC2010 are IDEs with their own compilers. Note that the different version are not compatible. In principle you may use msvcs with other tool chains as well, but that is nothing I would recommend.

    The easiest is to use Qt creator with mingw or one of the msvcs with their compilers. Which route do you prefer?

  • I meant VS2008/VS2010 only as toolchain, not as IDE. I have QtSDK installed and currently use it with VS2008 toolchain and everything (including my custom controls) works just fine. But I would also like to be able to use VS2010 toolchain. I know that I will have to compile Qt library using VS2010 toolchain, but I'm wondering if that is enough. I remember that custom controls had to be compiled in Release mode to be successfully loaded by QtCreator. I'm wondering whether the fact that controls will be compiled using VS2010 will not prevent them from being loaded into QtCreator from QtSDK.

  • Note, however, that you will need a version of Qt that was compiled with msvc2010. It should be possible (and not to complicated) to configure Qt Creator to use the 2010 Version, once you have a compatible Qt Version (most options should be configured automatically by Qt Creator).

    EDIT: You probably mean Designer Plugins. These have to be compiled with the same version that Qt Creator was (therefore you probably have to recompile Qt Creator from source).

  • Note that MSVC2010 has trouble when building Qt or Qt Creator in 64bit. You will need to apply hotfixes for that to work. IIRC the SP1 for MSVC2010 does not contain the necessary fixes.

  • Thanks for the info regarding 64bit version (even though I will not need it right now).
    Regarding Designer Plugins: I have custom date editing control + additional class to make the control visible in QtCreator/QtDesigner toolbox. So it seems I will have to recompile QtCreator as well. Is there any tutorial for that or is it easy enough that tutorial is not needed? One question that comes to mind is: which Qt modules are required by QtCreator?

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