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[Solved]Very strong error in QSplitter

  • Hellow, i have slpitter, i set style sheet to it, add some widgets and when i compile it i see it:
    After it i copy exe file in my desktop, open it and see it
    @QSplitter * splitter;
    splitter = new QSplitter(this);
    graphicsPlot = new RGraphicsPlot;
    functionList = new RFunctionListWidget(this);

    //and in global style sheet QWidget{ background: transparent;}
    splitter->setStyleSheet("QSplitter::handle{image: url(:/images/Resources/Images/slpitter.png);}");
    I try without styleSheet, try delete ini file with splitter's state before opening, try compile in debug and release, and if i open .exe file in release folder i get second result, i thing: "maybe it is because of differnt dlls", but i use 4.7.3 qt and 4.7.3 dlls
    In advance thank you for your help!

  • I use MSVC 2008 compiler and Visual studio for develop

  • Hi Ruzik

    apparently you have just typed the links into your post. So, the link is only shown in the post.
    If you would use the picture link button, which should be the sixth from the left above your post window, the pictures are shown directly in your post.

    This makes it easier for people to view your post. Actually I have seen it yesterday, but the pure links were my reason not to follow.

    Unfortunately, besides this formatting tip for your post, I cannot really contribute. I am typically fighting myself to get the window sizing in a way I like. :-(

  • I change it, sorry for i dont do it before

  • Hi Ruzik,

    can you comment the line 11 (splitter->restoreState) just to check if it works then?

  • If i do it i get second result agter compile, thats why i get first result after compile
    And i find my how i can do it:
    @ splitter->setStyleSheet("QSplitter::handle{image: url(:/images/Resources/Images/slpitter.png);}"
    "QSplitter { width: 5px; }");
    the problem turned so easy :)
    Many thanks for your help!!

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