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Kits and Compilers - Qt Creator v4.7 (based on 5.11.1)/Windows 10/MinGW

  • Hi all,

    So, here it is:
    I've previously had Qt Creator installed on a Windows 10 machine.
    I then went over to Linux and it installed very easily, out-of-box.
    I've now had to go back to a Windows machine.

    So, installing using the online installer is a waste of time - there is invariably always a network timeout at some point and so the installer fails.
    I then have downloaded 2 different offline installers.

    I have also installed MingGW to C:\mingw

    However, this time (didn't happen last time!) it insists on leaving the Compiler and Kits sections in Options blank.

    I've googled and searched this forum for answers.
    There are many example of this, but mainly pertaining to the Linux environment.
    There are other solutions that are vague and difficult to follow - they all seem to assume a certain amount of knowledge/paths/specific files you're looking for/etc.

    Can anyone help with this, given the above information?

    Can anyone explain why the latest install has these details missing?
    If it's done on purpose, then where can I find a clear, concise, step-by-step, assuming nothing dummies' guide to getting Qt up and running?



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    But is your linux box using same internet and it dont fail doing the
    online install ?

    Also, you should not install mingw yourself but use the one included.

    What version of Qt are you trying to install ?

    Normally mingw works out of the box.
    anything with msvc201X in name, requires you to download from microsoft
    the vs compiler and install your self. ( its not included. forbidden)

    1. Yes, I'm trying to install Creator v4.7 (based on Qt 5.11.1)
    2. Yes, it's the same machine plugged into the same internet connection - I've simply reimaged it.
      When running under Linux, I also used an Offline Installer - I've run into timeout issues before.
    3. Of the above installers, which should I use? The one without msvc2015_64?
      (I have no need of anything Microsoft dependent.)
    4. I see no installation of MinGW - that's why I installed it manually, believing that it would alleviate some/all of the issue.



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    1. Just to be clear. 4.7 is the version of the Editor (Creator) and it could be used with any version of Qt.
      From 4.7 to 5.11 Qt.
      I assume you just want Qt 5.1.11 ( the newest)

    2. Thats odd. normally its due to funky inet or long distance from mirror.

    3. for Qt 5.11 (32 bit) (and Newest Creator) and mingw compiler and debugger

    Its normally inside the c:\Qt folder

    Before you install again, could you please remove other mingw first ?
    (it can cause issues)

    I hope 5 times is the luck time :)
    Normally offline installers always works.

  • Thanks!
    Yes, that worked well!
    A place for everything and everything in its place!
    (So, I didn't have to re-code the entire IDE and compiler myself from scratch!)

    I wish I had found that offline installer to begin with!

    Again, many thanks for your help.


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