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[SOLVED] QRegExp Help

  • So I have a string that has /* comments in it. and I want to strip then all out using QRegExp here is what I tried.

    QString buff = "this is just a test /* testing comment / some more text\n/ another \n test / and more";
    QRegExp regx("/*.
    qDebug() << regx.indexIn(buff, 0);

    but qDebug() allways gets a -1 from regx telling me it's never found :( no idea why, I also tried some other patterns as follows.

    QRegExp regx("/\.?\/");
    QRegExp regx("\/\

    Nothing seems to work.

  • The "?" modifier for non-greedy matching is not supported in QRegExp. Use setMinimal(true).

  • Aww that was it! thanks :D <3

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