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Qt Mobility API's in Qt SDK

  • I am developing a desktop app using qt and qt mobility apis(multimediakit only from mobility api to be precise) and I am very confused with the mobility api's and new Qt Sdk 1.1.3.

    Qt team said that they added mobility apis into sdk, but unless you start a mobile app for meego or symbian, it seems like you cannot use mobility apis since all the apis (libQtMultimediaKit.so on Linux) when developing for desktop apps, is that the case? qmake simply will not find the header files, libs etc for mobility apis, mobility apis are not meant to be used for desktop apps? If that the case what should I do when I package my app for Linux distros and other platforms like mac, windows, meego?

    thanks for reading

  • I had a bit of a poke around and there's a bug tracking this here: https://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTSDK-419

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