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On QPushButton Stylesheet , long press event

  • I created an Keyboard widget with all the keys are mapped to respective QPushButton. I am handling the clicked() event of the QPushbutton using SIGNAL and SLOT. I assigned the style-sheet for each keys in UI itself using QPushButton:Pressed{}

    The issue is, when you press(hold) and press one more Qpushbutton(Keys), after releasing the hold key remains in the pressed state, so the stylesheet assigned to keys remains unless you press some other keys.

    Please help me solve this issue. Also clarify that Qt supports multiple mouse click events.

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    What version of Qt ?
    On what platform ?

    What do you mean by multiple mouse click events ?

  • The version is 5.6.2,
    on Linux platform,
    Like in keyboard hold the press of A at the same time press another key like B.

  • @SGaist Actually the Qt code will be running in Touch panel through AM335X processor ,where touch is equivalent to mouse click

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    Keyboard and mouse (or touch screen) are not the same. So which one are you currently using and what is you exact goal ?

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