Visual Studio AddIn and VS2005 - anyone got it working?

  • Does anyone successfully use the Visual Studio AddIn together with VS2005 SP1?

    The recent versions 1.1.9 and 1.1.8 fail for me on including a .pri file, see "QTVSADDINBUG-95": Versions 1.1.7 and 1.1.6 failed due to "QTVSADDINBUG-38":, and the last working version 1.1.5 stopped working with Qt 4.7.3 ("not a valid Qt directory"; I did not check 4.7.2).

    For the time being and as a workaround I will have to import the .pro files. It's really funny to re-adjust all the settings in the solution after adding just one file :-(

    So now I have no decent working environment on my Windows box.

    Oh, and just to answer the suggestions that will pop up eventually :-)
    No, neither switching to Qt Creator nor to MinGW is an option at the moment.

  • Hi Volker,

    I am using VS2005 SP2 with vsaddin 1.1.9. I just tried to import a .pri file and it did work.
    The .pri file has been generated the very same day, when I have installed vsaddin 1.1.9. So, I cannot tell which version I have actually used. The version before was 1.1.6. I just saw, that it is still installed :-( . Thought I had removed.
    I never imported .pri files into vs, I believe. Certainly not the last 2-3 years. The .pri had been generated to use qith creator on linux.

    Just to complete the picture. I have used the .pri file of one project and imported into another project in the same solution. I received a notice by vsaddin that all my old source files have been removed from project. But all (existing) source files (.cpp, .h and .ui) have been imported from the other project.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Seems that something in my installation of the addin borked the system.

  • Just for the records: It fails with VS2008 too. Great - that would have been the last resort...

  • BTW I have used relative path relations. I do not know, if this is usual or not.
    It worked on win7 prof 64 bit for any odd reason this might matter.

    I do not know if you saw in my first post. I have installed SP2 for vs2005.

  • I use relative paths too (it's more easy to clone a project then). It broke for me with VS2005 SP1 (unfortunately upgrading to SP2 is blocked by the environment of another project the is built with it) on 32bit Win XP as well as with VS2008 with all SPs and patches on 64bit Vista. It's really strange.

    As a workaround, I just imported the .pro files again. That would be suboptimal, but doable. But unfortunately, the make dependencies are messed up seriously. I rebuild the whole solution, then hit F7 and the every single project is rebuilt completely again where it's supposed to do nothing.

    I gave up on this for now and switched to Qt Creator using the VS toolchain(s). My statement from the initial post has to be revised so far :-)

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