Qt Cursor Crosshair Lag

  • Hello,
    I am attempting to implement a crosshair onto a QtChart, that dynamically tracks the cursor's movement. However, I am experiencing a fair amount of lag between my cursor's position, and the painted crosshair lines. My current code is as follows;

    void SpectrumCoordinateDisplay::paint(QPainter* painter)
        QRectF plotArea = m_chart->plotArea();
        QPointF crossHairPos = m_mousePos;
        if (!m_active || !plotArea.contains(crossHairPos))
        painter->setBrush(QColor(255, 255, 0, 255));
        painter->setPen(QColor(255, 255, 0, 255));
        const qreal rectSize = 6;
        QPointF left(plotArea.left(), crossHairPos.y());
        QPointF right(plotArea.right(), crossHairPos.y());
        QPointF top(crossHairPos.x(), plotArea.top());
        QPointF bottom(crossHairPos.x(), plotArea.bottom());
        QRectF crosshairRect(crossHairPos.x() - rectSize, crossHairPos.y() - rectSize, rectSize * 2, rectSize * 2);
        QPointF rectLeft(crosshairRect.left(), crossHairPos.y());
        QPointF rectRight(crosshairRect.right(), crossHairPos.y());
        QPointF rectTop(crossHairPos.x(), crosshairRect.top());
        QPointF rectBottom(crossHairPos.x(), crosshairRect.bottom());
        painter->drawLine(left, rectLeft);
        painter->drawLine(right, rectRight);
        painter->drawLine(top, rectTop);
        painter->drawLine(bottom, rectBottom);
        painter->drawLine(crosshairRect.topLeft(), crosshairRect.topRight());
        painter->drawLine(crosshairRect.topLeft(), crosshairRect.bottomLeft());
        painter->drawLine(crosshairRect.bottomRight(), crosshairRect.topRight());
        painter->drawLine(crosshairRect.bottomRight(), crosshairRect.bottomLeft());
        QRectF textRect = crosshairRect;
        textRect.moveTop(textRect.top() - textRect.height());
        textRect = painter->boundingRect(textRect, Qt::TextWordWrap, m_text);
        textRect.moveLeft(crosshairRect.center().x() + 5);
        if (textRect.top() < plotArea.y())
        if (textRect.right() > plotArea.right())
        painter->drawText(textRect, Qt::TextWordWrap, m_text);

    If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

  • Qt Champions 2018

    What's the base class of SpectrumCoordinateDisplay?
    Did you have a look at the callout example which looks like it does what you are trying to do?

  • @VRonin
    Qt charts.
    The example is not really what I need, as I am basically trying to generate lines that follow the cursor perfectly with no trailing.

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