main widget emit signal once, but slot call multiple time

  • my design has main widget and a sub widget. I use qt push button to open the subwidget. but when i close subwidget (x sign) and use the button to open i again, my signal emit once buy my slot function run twice. I close subwidget, and open again via qt push button. now my signal emit once, but my slot function run three time. any ideas

    void Main_Widget::launch_sub_widget_button_pushed(){
    subwidget_pt = new sub_Widget();

    connect(this, SIGNAL(mysig() ),
    subwidget_pt, SLOT(myslot() ) );

    signal is emit from another function

    void Main_Widget::load_data_button_pushed(){

    i try subwidget_pt->close() but it close all my widget including the main one.

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    hi @s002wjh,

    you run the connect statement multiple times, therefore the slot is executed multiple times.

    Solution: only connect once, then emit as often as you like.


  • @aha_1980

    thanks, i saw it will disconnect automatically when i close the sub-widget, guess not. I didn't properly run the destructor, now its working after i run the destructor.

  • @s002wjh if your issue is solved, please don't forget to mark you post as such. Thanks.

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