How to compile RESOURCE without requiring QML

  • I have a project using only Widgets, no QML.

    With Qt 5.11, when I try to compile the system it is generating a link error in qrc_<program>_qmlcache.cpp because I don't have qml in my CONFIG.

    If I add qml to the CONFIG in the .pro file, then the program links successfully (but is larger).

    Is there an option I can set somewhere so that the resource compiler doesn't generate the QML (and javascript) stub files?

    (I have a .css and a .js file in the resource file, but they are only in there for delivery as part of the output of my program. They never get executed by my program.)

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    Just make sure you don't have QML compiler enabled at it should be fine. Check your .pro file and Qt Creator Project -> build settings.

  • Yes, that has solved the problem.
    It's just a shame that QtCreator generates that option by default (rather than looking inside the .pro file).

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    hi @Farling,

    would you mind creating a bugreport at ? (and provide the link here?) that would help to fix the problem in future.


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