Using /clr on qt

  • hi to everyone i am programming on qt in vs2008
    i want to use a c# dll
    so i should use /clr
    when is set /clr it get me this error
    how can i solve that?
    @.\newqtfinger.cpp(6) : fatal error C1113: #using failed on 'c:\users\sazgar\documents\visual studio 2008\projects\new qt finger\new qt finger\zkemkeeper.dll'@
    i set /clr to sta but it does'nt have any differences
    what should i do?

  • or is there any way i could use c# dll in qt?

  • I think you should just link the library with your project and include the header file.

  • the problem is i don't have any header file and the dll is for C#
    if i can use /clr i can do that
    but i think qt has problem with /clr

  • can i use active qt?how?

  • [quote author="kitten" date="1315398134"]can i use active qt?how?[/quote]

    I think, activeqt does not help you...
    Tell me, what distinguishes library c# from other library? Are you written this library? Does open source code this lib?

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