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dll missing

  • Hi. I am a beginner in this.
    I am developing a program, etc.
    When I open my program from the qtcreator it opens normal. but when I go to release/(name) .exe it tells me that qt5gui.dll, qt5core.dll, qt5network.dll and qt5widgets.dll are missing.
    I tried putting the files in windows/sysWOW64 and it works fine, but as I do so that someone else can open it on their desktop without putting those dll.

    Thank you so much, I waiting for your answers

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    Hi and welcome to the forums

    What you need is a so called deployment folder.
    It just means , you need to place the DLLS next to the exe to have it run on other systems.
    There is a tool to help get the needed DLLS.
    ( how many dlls it needs, depends on what features you used in your program)

    Also skim over this. it explains what the folder is and structure:

    and DO NOT put any of the DLLS in windows/sysWOW64. its not a good idea. :)

    When you have a deployment folder. you then use an install maker to make a setup.exe other people
    can just run and it copies the dlls to the program folder for your program to use.
    That is the normal way.

  • @mrjj thank you very much for answering, I will try

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    Just a few hints.
    Make exe in release mode
    never mix Qt DLLs with D in name and no D.
    (debug Qt dlls have D last in name )
    Sometimes on some system, like win 7, the compilers runtimes dlls are also needed.
    Like for visual studio or mingw.

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