qtwebkit 5.3.2 - browser doesn't work in first attempt, need to run it again

  • I am using Qtwebkit browser shipped with QT5.3.2 for my custom embedded board.

    I have successfully cross-compiled the Qtwebkit and browser example and I am able to run browser for my custom board and it works fine.
    but I am facing one weird issue -
    when I launch browser for the first time on my embedded board it loads successfully but tab or menu button doesn't work. i.e. if I click on file, history or bookmark etc.. tab then nothing happens

    even If I open a simple button based hello world html example, in that case also no button event is detected.

    but if I kill this instance of browser and re-run it then everything works fine.

    i am not sure why same thing doesn’t work in first attempt. what is causing the issue.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    thanks for your help and support

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