Machine Idle time.

  • How to find out machine idle time using qt c++ ?
    i want to store machine idle duration in database..

  • @Amol-Mali
    I do not think Qt will have anything for this. A call to determine "machine idle time" (whatever your definition) is going to be highly OS-specific and require non-generic calls. You also don't say whether you are interested in one OS or need to be cross-platform?

    I suggest you start by Googling for c++ machine idle time and see what you think of the hits. You can incorporate non-Qt C++ code into a Qt application if you find the OS call you wish to use.

  • private:
    QPoint mouseLastPos;
    QTimer *mouseTimer;
    quint32 mouseIdleSeconds;

    mainwindow.cpp - Constructor method
    mouseTimer = new QTimer();
    mouseLastPos = QCursor::pos();
    mouseIdleSeconds = 0;

    //Connect and Start
    connect(mouseTimer, SIGNAL(timeout()), this, SLOT(mouseTimerTick()));

    mainwindow.cpp - Class body
    void MainWindow::mouseTimerTick()
    QPoint point = QCursor::pos();
    if(point != mouseLastPos)
    mouseIdleSeconds = 0;

    mouseLastPos = point;
    //Here you could determine whatever to do
    //with the total number of idle seconds.

    "Reference taken from stackoverflow."

    this works for me as per my requirement.
    Thank you all..!

  • @Amol-Mali
    I do not see how this has anything to do with "Machine Idle time", but up to you.... (In that light, I wouldn't mind reading whatever you mean by "Reference taken from stackoverflow." ?)

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