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QML Application hangs after a while

  • Hi,
    i am running Qt5.9.1 on linux kernel 4.1.15.
    In the application i use Loader to load pages so that the reaction/performance is faster.
    The application doesnt crash it still runs, even if i debug it from Qt Creator.
    The screen freezes and the application doesnt reacts to anything.

    How can i find this issue? I dont see any application output issue/expection.

  • When you debug you problably going to have a point where it will infinitly load. This could give you the line that cause this issue. Without any code or more informations about your project it will be difficult to be more helpful.

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    when your app freezes press pause button in the QtCreator debugger and check the stack traces (of all threads).
    If may give you some clue where it got stuck.

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