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Drawer partially visible when closed

  • I want to have a Drawer or Drawer-like control in my application but when it's "closed" I want it to be partially visible.

    For instance imagine my drawer is a panel of 100 pixels when closed and then gets 200 pixels when opened.

    I'm trying to do that with a Drawer control but not able to do it. Can someone give me a clue of which control can I use.


  • Ok. Maybe I need to implement my own control for that. Does anybody know how to find the source code for the Drawer so that I can implement the effects/animations the same way??


  • I implemented it by using a Popup control with two states expanded and collapsed and changing the modal property so that when is collapsed it is not modal and when is expanded is modal. Also I added a transition animation.

    The only thing I am missing is the "drag" feature...I am sure it can be done but is a bit more complex and probably I will not need this feature.

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