Using Qt Quick controls, views, scene graph without QML

  • Is it possible to use QtQuick controls, views, scene graph, etc, without using QML at all?

    I realize that the question might seem strange and even anti-thetical to the Qt Quick "philosophy" but I am a programmer, not a designer, and would like to program in languages I already know (Python, C++).

    a beginning Qt hacker

    PS: Java went through this issue with JavaFX, originally having a JavaFX language, before dropping it, and including the JavaFX scene graph and controls as a standard Java library.

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    Unfortunately there is no public QtQuick C++ API. There is one for Qt3D, but not for Controls.

    You can use the scene graph without QML. You can also control Quick components from C++. It is a bit hacky, but it is certainly possible to create QML interfaces without using QML language.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Is there an example somewhere of how to use the scene graph from C++, and without QML. Just a basic example of showing a window and adding a label would be helpful.

    Again thanks
    a beginning Qt hacker

  • @qtpublicname
    Beware that I am not an expert, but I think you could take a look at

    A lightweight framework on top of the Qt scene graph and only few classes from Qt/Quick. It is usable from C++ and/or QML.

    Can you either use the framework yourself directly, or take some examples from its code?

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