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QML application with FileDialog: FileDialog unresponsive

  • Hi,

    I experience something weird (Ubuntu Linux):
    I use the Qt.labs.platform FileDialog and it worked fine. Then I added a screen, which should be shown while a file is being loaded. This screen has a BusyIndicator. The screen is set to be invisible. Still, if the BusyIndicator's running property is set to true, the FileDialog is freezing (and not showing anything, or is transparent and shos the desktop background) or very unresponsive. If I set the BusyIndicator to not running, the FileDialog is very fast.

    I ran my app through the QML profiler, but could not see anything suspicious about the BusyIndicator, also not about anything else. What could it be that goes wrong?

  • I should note: If I use the QuickControls1 BusyIndicator the above behaviour does not happen and everything is fine. Is it a bug in the QuickControls2 BusyIndicator?

  • I filed a bug report, together with a minimal working example.


    As it turns out, it only happens if one selects the "fusion" style. Still, I would be interested if someone can explain what is going on.

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