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Installer Framework - "Cannot write maintenance tool" installing as Administrator on Windows

  • I'm trying to get the Installer Framework to install into the Program Files directory. In the global config I have the target directory set as such:

    <TargetDir>@ApplicationsDir@/Sonarcloud Connect</TargetDir>

    The package for it asks for admin rights:

    When it installs it asks for admin privileges and does so well. But in the last step it fails writing the maintenance tool. I'm assuming it probably dropped admin rights and is trying to install the maintenance utility into the same directory but failing. When I run the installer with admin privileges it installs fine.

    Is there a way to force the maintenance tool to be installed with admin privileges as well or at the very least force the entire installer to be run with admin privileges? The people who will be installing it may not be user savvy enough to understand how to make it run with admin privileges.


  • @michael-a-leonetti , I also encounter this problem, did you find solution? thanks!

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