QtCreator auto implement methods

  • Wouldn't it be nice if Qt Creator could auto implement methods? Like you write the C++ header file and creator auto creates
    the method stubs in the cpp file for you?

    Also maybe right-klicking on a member var and selecting "Make Property" would be cool, or implement getters and setters
    like eclipse does.

  • YES! more code automation features is a great idea!

  • I like this idea, but need add choice where create implementation:

    • in .cpp (default)
    • in header, below definition
    • in header, but outside definition class (like in QWidget inline methods)

    I agree about Q_PROPERTY, this will be helpfull just click on member of class and auto-create name, setter and getter with default implementation like this:

    Q_PROPERTY(int myVariable READ myVariable WRITE setMyVariable)
    int myVariable() const {return m_myVariable;}
    void setMyVariable(int myVariable) {m_myVariable = myVariable;}
    int m_myVariable;

  • This kind of functionality could prove to be grate help indeed.

  • Can someone draft a real feature request on this topic or - even better! - file it directly into JIRA for the devs to see? Thanks! :)

  • Top! :)

  • Cool would be a time safer!

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