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Hibernate qtcreator

  • Hi
    can i save all project views etc. to reopen later the very same?

  • Personally, I find that sessions work, how do I put this, counterintuitive. I would think they are meant for this kind of scenario, but they rarely seem to work as expected by me.

  • Andre, I used sessions as coomon tool and never found any problems with them (when using for "hibernation" case). Can you name any problems you faced, please?

  • To name one such case:
    Say, I have happely been hacking away at a set of source files, and now I decide I want to work on something else for a bit. That calls for saving where I am in a session, so I go to the sessions screen, create a new session and name it. I would expect everything that I currently have open to be part of that session, especially since there is no "save current state to session" command or something like that in view. Now, I create another new session for the other cool project I want to work on, switch to it, and go back to my code. I close all editors and open some new ones on the new files.

    Then, if I want to switch back to what I was working on before, when I switch to the session I created to store my work in, much to my dismay, I find it empty, or at the very least, very incomplete.

  • Hm, in this case maybe. I'm doing it opposite. At first I create session and after it work with them. In this order it works great.

  • Hibernation that requires me to take a specific action before I commence the work, instead of when I want to pause it and do the actual hibernation, does not work all that great in my view.

  • I agree with Andre.

    I use sessions intensively, very useful when I have more than one project at the same time and need fast switch between them but I am aware that session seems saving only few things respect what is done in many ogher IDE, i.e. eclipse. Some times sessions save also the open files some other not. I suppose that some parameters used by sessions are also overwrittend by other stuff. But I have not clear what it can be.

    What Andre means - and I will have too - is the possibility to have a snapshot of some situation exactly repreduced when I reopen a certain session.

  • Moderators

    By default the "default" session is used which is not saved. Some people do not want to bother with sessions, so we had to put it into the back seat.

    You should be able to rename it when you want it saved.

    You can also start sessions from the command line by the way. There even is a switch to start the last session used.

  • Sure, Tobias,

    I use only sessions, and always start with last session starting Qt Creator. This part is really useful

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